"Thank you for supporting my #INDEPENDENCE." - Bryce Savoy

In 2019, I launched the #INDEPENDENCE campaign, a bold initiative rooted in the belief that every artist deserves full autonomy over the creation, presentation, and monetization of their music. This campaign was more than just a concept; it was a movement to champion artistic freedom and self-reliance in an industry often dominated by external control.

My first major endeavor under this campaign was the release of "Bryce Savoy II," a 4-track EP dedicated to my late uncle, Gregory "G-Nut" Savoy Brown II. Determined to honor his legacy, I chose to release the EP exclusively through my website, offering it for $10 per download. This direct-to-community approach resonated with my supporters, resulting in over 200 digital downloads. This success provided the financial foundation for me to fund and headline my first 5-city #INDEPENDENCE tour.

The tour was a pivotal moment in my career, but as fate would have it, the final show, coinciding with my 28th birthday, was abruptly cancelled due to the emergence of COVID-19 and the subsequent emergency order. This unforeseen turn of events marked a significant shift in my life, challenging my perseverance and reshaping my artistic journey in ways I couldn’t have predicted. It wasn’t until recently that I realized my ongoing quest has been to reclaim the empowering experience of that tour.

Now, as I forge ahead, my mission is clear: to inspire and empower independent artists around the world to embrace their creative independence, take control of their own narratives, and cultivate a sustainable and authentic path in the music industry. Through #INDEPENDENCE, I aim to provide not only the tools and knowledge necessary for artists to succeed on their own terms but also to foster a supportive community where every independent voice can shine.

- The Neighborhood Diamond